Independent Advice

Why take independent advice?

Buying a house, choosing a pension and planning your finances are all major life decisions. These are also things that you might not do very often. This means that some of the biggest choices you ever make may be based on little or no prior experience.

That is why many people will consult an adviser on these major financial events. Advisers charge fees, of course, which is what deters some people from using them. We believe that good advice is cheaper in the long term than no advice at all.

Advisers come in several guises. They all must be authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and all must have certain minimum qualifications. Financial Choices’ partners offer independent financial advice. This means that our recommendations are based on a comprehensive analysis of the market, are unbiased with no influence from product providers.

This contrasts with restricted advisors who focus on just one subject area, like investments, but look at the whole of the market. Alternatively restricted advisers may give advice on more than one area, but will only have access to a limited number of providers. Simplified advice is another option. These simplified services are often automated, and offered on straightforward products, such as ISAs.

Financial Choices’ advisers are regulated and highly qualified. They are unbiased and provide an independent service in your best interest. They can access the best products and deals on the market. Their experience should give you confidence and peace of mind. Good advice should save you, or make more money for you, than the cost of the advice.

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